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Welcome to the news section. Here you can find the latest and greatest news about Jutil.org.

05-04-2003News update

I've been too busy to finish the work on units and quantities. I'm currently working on Jnome. The design for the units was finished but I didn't have the time to finish the implementation. I hope I'll have more time in the near future.

by Marko No. 5

27-01-2003Units and quantities

Since I couldn't get the tools to generate the testclasses, I switched to manual testing for this release. I hope all test can be generated in the future. Quantities and units have been tested, but I still need to add a few derived units and quantities. Tomorrow I will start testing the physical quantities.

Any help is appreciated.

by Marko No. 5

24-12-2002Units and quantities are finished

The first version of the system of units, quantities and physical quantities is finished. At this moment the code is complete, but the documentation is not. The first thing I'm going to do now is make an ant task for the jmlunit tool so we can generate test classes. Yes, you read that good, the people developing JML have found a very nice way to use a runtime assertion checker to generate unit test classes. Bye bye extreme programming, writing specifications is much shorter and easier.

Writing the JML task should be done pretty soon. I expect to have the new release ready in a few weeks. Hang on.

by Marko No. 5

24-11-2002Still alive :)

Just a note to say we're still alive. I'm currently implementing a system of quantities, units and physical values (http://physics.nist.gov/cuu/Units/. The framework for quanties and units is finished, and the base quantities and units are implemented. The next thing to do is implement all derived quantities and units mentioned on the nist website and all others ones I can get my hands on. After that, the physical values (the only interesting thing for the "users") need to be done.

The predicate for file size will have to wait a bit. I could write it now in a few minutes, but I'd have to change it later on, so I'll put that on a hold.

I want to release 0.4 when the system of units is finished, but I can't put a deadline on it until I have a design for the physical values, I haven't spent any braincycle on that yet.

by Marko No. 5


I forgot to put the direct download links on the webpage. That's fixed now.

Meanwhile, the filename patterns in org.jutil.io.fileset have been enhanced and a predicate for the file size is on its way. We have also upgraded to JML 3.3.

by Marko No. 5

08-09-2002Coal 0.3 released.

Coal 0.3 is released. It features a new Ant-like FileSet, with at this moment 2 predicates for selecting files. More advanced predicates will be added in the future. There are lots of specification fixes, and the javadocs are now generated by the JML tool, so they should be even better than before.

For the detailed changelogs and downloads, go to the download section. The API documentation can be found here as usual.

by Marko No. 5

24-08-2002FileSet is on its way.

Hi all, it has been a while since our last release. Currently I'm busy finding a research topic, Jan is finishing his PhD, and Tom is attending two summer schools in the next two weeks. Therefore work on Jutil.org has slowed down a bit. I'm still working on the ant-like fileset, but that still requires some work. I hope to be able to make a new release in two weeks.

by Marko No. 5

24-07-2002First Jutil.org user survey.

You can find our very first survey here. Because we have received very little user feedback(not to say none at all), we have decided to ask some questins ourselves. Please help us further improve Jutil.org and fill out the survey!

by Tom Schrijvers

21-07-2002Coal 0.2 released.

With a week delay, coal 0.2 is released. The package structure has been refactored, so some classes are deprecated. A package of predicates has been added in order to make reusable unary predicates. A stack has been added, and fifo's and priorityqueues are becoming Collections (not finished though). Also, the javadoc should look better.

The images in the javadoc have changed to .png's due to a patent on JPEG. Please let us know if that is a problem.

For the detailed changelogs and downloads, go to the download section. The API documentation can be found here as usual.

by Marko No. 5

13-07-2002New release coming soon.

A new release is coming very soon. This release features predicates, a stack and a faster binomial heap. An Ant-like fileset is on the way, but it might not make the next release.

The package structure will also be changed, but the release will be backward compatible (old stuff will be deprecated). The release will probably contain a small tool that can update your source code to the new release.

Coal 0.2 should be here next sunday.

by Marko No. 5

16-06-2002Coal 0.1.1 released.

Since the javadocs of 0.1 weren't completely generated, here is the 0.1.1 release. All javadocs are present, priority queues were added, extra Comparators were added, and JutilTest has been fixed. For the detailed changelogs and downloads, go to the download section. The API documentation can be found here as usual.

by Marko No. 5

13-06-2002Javadocs updated.

With the switch to JRegex, a "bug" got into the build file. The javadocs weren't generated as they should be, causing almost all javadoc blocks to be missing. The problem was a regular expression which doesn't seem to work with JRegex. I'll contact the author. Expect a 0.11 release with full javadocs soon.

by Marko No. 5


We almost had a flawless release, but it seems there is a problem with the new regexreplacer task used to generate the javadocs. Only the JML specifications show up in the javadocs, the javadoc documentation isn't there (unless there isn't a JML spec). I will look at the problem this evening.

by Marko No. 5

10-06-2002Coal 0.1 released.

This release features a refactoring in the directory structure, inclusion of Tom Schrijvers' (happy birthday !) code, enhanced test classes, and we've switched to JRegex for regular expresions. For downloads and a detailed changelog, go to the download section. The API documentation can be found here as usual.

by Marko No. 5

03-06-2002Anonymous CVS password is not "anonymous"

It seems that the password for the anonymous CVS has changed. Now you just have to press enter when prompted for a password. Thanks Tom for reporting the problem.

by Marko No. 5

02-06-2002News update

Not that much activity in the last two weeks. I just put some Fifo classes and a File utility class of Tom Schrijvers in CVS (org.jutil.java.collections and org.jutil.java.io packages). I've also been working on the xsl stylesheets that generate this website. In the near future, the website will also be put in CVS so a developer can have all information about the project on his computer.

by Marko No. 5

18-05-2002Automatic version checks for unit tests

Before we start working on the first release of a higher quality, we want to enhance the test classes. In the junit1 branch, there is now a class JutilTest, which will be inherited from by all test classes. This class will check whether the revision that is specified in the test class matches the CVS revision of the class that is tested. This way, we are notified when a class has changed, but its test hasn't.

by Marko No. 5

18-05-2002Refactoring directory structure, part I

Because of the glitches with every release, and also because it was needed anyway, the directory structure of project has been refactored. Related things are now put together in directories, which should make it easier to do releases.

The second part of the refactoring will be to put the website in the CVS repository, and to somehow merge it into the entire project so that developers can have a standalone copy of all documentation and the website. I'm not sure whether or not this will be finished before coal-0.0.4.

by Marko No. 5

06-05-2002test.xml and doc.xml were missing

The ant files test.xml and doc.xml were missing in the source .zip. This only means that for that zip file, the test could not be run and the java docs could not be generated. This is fixed now.

by Marko No. 5

06-05-2002Sourceforge.net downloads

Due to a change in the Sourceforge download policy, the direct links in the download section didn't work. They have been replaced by links to the three mirrors.

by Marko No. 5

05-05-2002Third release of Jutil.org

The third release is available. Not so many changes as in 0.0.2, but worth downloading. This release adds a SkipList collection and Schur and eigenvalue decomposition of matrices plus a bugfix in HouseholderHessenbergReduction. For download and changelog, go to the download section. The API documentation can be found here.

by Marko No. 5

16-04-2002Added features section

I've added a "features" section, so people can see what's currently in Jutil.org and what's currently being worked on. When all things that are currently work in progress are done, we can start thinking of how we can manage different quality levels in a convenient way.

by Marko No. 5

27-03-2002Bug in HouseholderQRDecomposition

There are 2 nasty bugs in HouseholderQRDecomposition in coal-0.0.2. Their implementation was completely wrong, and caused ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exceptions (detected when elpee was using QRLeastSquaresSolver to interpolate a dataset of some machine). It is fixed in CVS in the math2 branch.

by Marko No. 5

20-03-2002Updated changelog of 0.0.2

Last I forgot to put something in the release that was in the changelog, now I put in something and forgot to mention it in the changelog. We're getting better :)

org.jutil.structure package added to the changelog.

by Marko No. 5

19-03-2002Second release of Jutil.org

The second release is available. This time the matrices got in :). For download and changelog, go to the download section. The API documentation can be found here.

by Marko No. 5

14-02-2002API docs added

I've uploaded the CVS API documentation. You can generate it yourself using the "doc" target of ant. You need JDK 1.4.0, and you must place lib/regexpreplacer.jar in the $ANT_HOME/lib directory. The build file uses the regexreplacer to merge the JML and javadoc specifications.

by Marko No. 5

14-02-2002Class diagrams.

The class diagrams for Jutil.org will be SVG files generated by Together. Together uses Batik to create the .svg files, and our build file will use it to convert the .svg files into jpg's. However, version 1.1.1 of Batik doesn't seem to include the ant plugin, so I used the version which was contributed to Batik. Fetch it there if you want to generate the jpg's yourself.

by Marko No. 5

07-02-2002Added structure package

An org.jutil.structure package is added to the CVS. It contains a class DoubleBinding for easily implementing double bindings, and StructureSet and StructureElement for a 1-n binding

Using these classes may not be efficient, but it is easy to code. A future optimizer could transform the use of this classes into a "native" binding.

by Marko No. 5

27-01-2002Matrices missing

Some matrix classes are missing in the first release due to a weird problem with cvs. The files simply weren't download during updates, but they appear in a fresh checkout. Some graph classes slipped in instead. The most important package (org.jutil.java.collections) is present. The matrices will be in the next release.

by Marko No. 5

27-01-2002First release of Jutil.org

The first file release of the coal branch is available. Go fetch it at the download section.

by Marko No. 5

21-01-2002Site launch
Yeah, we have a lift-off
by Marko No. 5