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Javadoc API

Below you find the features currently present in the coal version of Jutil.org and features that are currently worked on.

Features in coal-0.2

The coal-0.2 release of Jutil.org currently has the following features:

  • org.jutil.event
    • Support for event mechanisms
  • org.jutil.java.collections
    • Singleton and SkipList collections
    • Fifo queues (including synchronized and blocking queues).
    • Priority queues
    • Stack
    • Collection operators (org.jutil.java.collections)
      • Applying actions on collections/maps.
      • Applying actions on collections/maps when exceptions can be thrown.
      • Perform accumulations on collections (Forall, Exists, Counter,...)
      • Calculate transitive closures over some object structure.
      • Apply a filter to a collection.
      • ...
  • org.jutil.io.fileset
    • Ant-like FileSet
    • PatternPredicate and LocalDisk predicates for selecting files.
  • org.jutil.java.comparator
    • ExtendedComparator
    • ComparableComparator
    • InverseComparator
  • org.jutil.java.reflect
    • Support for reflection and stacktrace inspection for pre-1.4 jdk's.
  • org.jutil.java.regex
    • Replace regular expressions in files
  • org.jutil.javax.swing
    • A JLabel that keeps its value in sync with a JSlider.
  • org.jutil.junit
    • Software revisions
    • JutilTest, which performs revision checks on a test class and the tested class.
  • org.jutil.jregex
    • Pattern class that adapts JRegex to jdk 1.4 interface
  • org.jutil.math
    • Math class as an extension for java.lang.Math
  • org.jutil.math.matrix
    • Class Matrix with standard matrix operations
    • QR, LU, Cholesky, Hessenberg, Schur and eigenvalue factorization
    • Solvers for linear systems
    • Solver for least squares problems
  • org.jutil.predicate
    • Infrastructure to make reusable unary predicates.
    • Predicate, TotalPredicate,...
    • And, Or, Not, Xor, Identical, Equal, NotNull, Implication, True, False.
  • org.jutil.relation
    • Component to set up double bindings
    • A "1" component
    • An "N" component

Work in progress

Currently, work is being done on:

  • Further completion of event system.
  • SVD decomposition
  • Making Collections of fifo's and priority queues.
  • A Trie
  • Ant-like FileSet